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Sie haben Interesse an uns und unseren Dienstleistung?
Im Folgenden informieren wir Sie über unsere allgemeinen Leistungen, die Sie in jedem unserer Angebote finden.

Jobs within Germany

Hourly rates include all ancillary costs such as accommodation allowances and travel expenses to and from the job. We provide our employees with the usual safety equipment and protective clothing and provide support from our safety specialist. For an additional fee, we also supply our fitters with special tools and machinery by arrangement.

Jobs outside Germany

We calculate your ancillary costs exactly to your requirements. You can choose to either pay for overnight accommodation if you’ve booked for your own personnel or pay for travel to the job location.
We’ll calculate your quote just the way you want. We’re also happy to take care of all organizational requirements for jobs outside Germany Our other services are taken care of too, of course.

All prices in your personal quote are before statutory sales tax.
We routinely refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Business, which are an integral part of every quote.

We look forward to preparing a customized quote for you.
Please use the online inquiry form or contact us direct.

We’ll get back to you immediately!

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Nuremberg Office
Telephone: +49 (0-911) 951-286-0
Email: info@buchmann-zeitarbeit.de

Wuppertal Office
Telephone: +49 (0-202) 445-720
Email: info@buchmann-zeitarbeit.de

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